More than 50 projects

The Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben annually support more than 50 projects in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom. We invest more than € 1.6 million in local initiatives on the various islands. The examples below give you an idea of ​​the type of projects that qualify for a contribution. Very diverse in terms of problems, target groups and approaches. Get inspired, draft a project proposal, and submit an application for your organisation or initiative!

Project of the Month

Project of the Month

Stichting Zorgverlening Het Wit Gele Kruis– Sint Maarten

Tot op heden had het eiland Sint Maarten geen hospice.  Zieke mensen in de laatste fase van hun leven verbleven in het ziekenhuis, vaak zelfs in het buitenland. Of ze werden thuis verpleegd, wat belastend was voor hun naasten. Om ervoor te zorgen dat deze mensen een waardig einde kunnen beleven, dichterbij huis en in een prettige omgeving, besloot het Wit Gele Kruis een hospice te beginnen.  In het hospice kunnen niet alleen inwoners van Sint Maarten terecht, maar ook van de nabij gelegen eilanden Saba en Sint Eustatius. De verbouwing werd door de organisatie zelf bekostigd, voor de inrichting van het hospice werd een aanvraag bij Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben ingediend. Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben steunt dit project met USD 27.000,-.

  • New materials for a neighborhood community center

    An after-school activities program has been running for years in a community center on Curaçao. This for children aged 6-16, whose parents earn a minimum income or less. 

  • Buddies for the elderly

    About 1,100 people, aged 65 and above, live on Bonaire. Many of them are lonely, live in poor and unsafe homes and / or have physical problems. 

  • Everyone their own room

    Clients with an intellectual disability live in a residential facility on Aruba. They receive the care and support that cannot otherwise be provided at home. 

  • New chances

    Children of (former) prisoners often unjustly suffer from the mistakes of their parents. For example, there is no money available for school uniforms or for the membership fees to participate in afterschool activities. 

  • Resilient teenage girls

    Sint Eustatius has many problems with teenage girls. These girls suffer from little self-confidence, school dropout and sometimes also sexual abuse.

  • Healthy meal for the elderly

    Fewer and fewer elderly people on Saba have family around them who can look after them. Shopping or cooking is no longer possible for them.