Criteria and Guidelines

Criteria and Guidelines

Criteria & guidelines

The Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben support existing and newly established organizations, such as foundations, associations, volunteer organizations, and professional welfare organizations. Whether it involves 500 guilders/dollars or 20,000 guilders/dollars, we look forward to supporting you!

Organizations can submit multiple funding applications, there is no deadline, and there is no maximum budget, as long as your projects are feasible and realistic and you continue to think of socially beneficial projects. 

Does your project meet the stipulated criteria and guidelines? Then apply for a financial contribution through the application form or contact the Local Advisor.


The Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben offer (financial) support to projects in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom. Our goal is to support and strengthen projects within the "social sector". These are projects that bring people together, those that facilitate intergenerational and intercultural exchanges, projects that increase the involvement and quality of life in neighborhoods and/or communities. Additionally, the focus lies on vulnerable persons; such as young people, the elderly, people with disabilities or addiction problems.

Examples of projects that can be eligible for funding are::

  • activities for the elderly
  • poverty prevention
  • homework support
  • youth activities
  • deterring domestic violence
  • neighborhood involvement
  • quality of life enhancement
  • school drop-out prevention
  • parenting support
  • battling loneliness


  YES   NO  
  * Foundations x Individuals / private persons
  * Associations    
  * Volunteer Organizations    
  * Professional welfare organizations    
  * Focuses on community work or social involvement/inclusion x Focuses purely on culture, sports or the environment
  * Has not started yet    
  * Addresses a social need / Fills a social gap    
  * This is a project, not a continuous program (funding always comes to an end)    
Type of costs        
  * Start-up costs for new initiatives x Scholarships
  * Costs for executing activities x Regular operating costs (rent, gas, water, electricity)
  * Project-related personnel costs