Criteria and Guidelines

Criteria and Guidelines

Criteria & guidelines

We support existing and new foundations and associations and new projects that continue to develop and expand. Whether it concerns small contributions or large contributions: we look forward to receiving your request! Organizations can submit an application multiple times. Applications can be submitted at any time of the year. You do this on your own island, with the local advisor.

Working area

We provide financial contributions to projects in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. All funds within the partnership focus on projects in the social sector. These are projects aimed at the well-being of people that involve social problems such as the consequences of poverty, early school leaving, children who do not have sufficient opportunities from their environment, and the elderly who become lonely. The ultimate goal is to ensure better participation in society or to increase opportunities for this. For example, consider projects around:

  • poverty reduction
  • homework support
  • after-school activities for children and young people
  • supporting community centres
  • domestic violence
  • quality of life in the neighborhood
  • prevent or combat school dropout
  • educational support
  • combating loneliness
  • addiction problems
  • activities for the elderly
  • assistance to refugees and migrant workers
  • combating the exclusion of, for example, LGBTIQ++ people
  • support in mental health