To Apply

The three funds provide financial contributions to projects in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. We support and strengthen projects in the 'social sector'. Would you like to request money for a project? Before submitting an application, please read our criteria and guidelines. If you have any questions, need help or would like to discuss your project in advance, please contact your local advisor. That will save you a lot of effort and time!

To request

To make a request, you must use our request form. Once you have completed the application form, send it to the local advisor on your island.

Describe as clearly as possible the purpose and expected results of your project in the application form. And takes the criteria and guidelines into account. Finally, do not forget to include all requested attachments. This speeds up the assessment time and you will hear sooner whether you can count on money from us.

The assessment

The local advisor on your own island will assess your application based on the criteria. They can ask you for additional information or explanation and help you complete your application. The advisor then sends the application to all three participating funds. They make a choice to whom the application best suits.

The Dutch funds will make a final decision on your application. You will receive a decision letter from the Dutch fund (or if multiple funds contribute from multiple funds) containing an award or rejection.

Duration of the process

The total process from the moment you submit your application can take about 4 to 6 months for a macro application and a month to 2 months for a micro application. Please take this into account when planning your project.